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Criminal Defence

Due process is a crucial pillar of justice that upholds the rule of law in Singapore. Each and every individual should be presumed innocent until proven guilty in the Courts.

Our team has represented cases of all kinds, from minor assault cases to serious offences such as rape. Whether you intend to plead guilty or proceed all the way to trial we ensure that the best - and nothing short of the best - is done for your case. We always charge reasonable fees.

Having spent time as part of the Prosecution Service in England himself, our founding lawyer Jeya knows how Prosecutors work and is well equipped to ensure that your case is heard fairly in the Courts of Singapore.

So let us guide you through resolving the charges you face — we’re here to help. Whether you have specific questions about the law or need immediate representation in a summons, we are ready and up for the challenge.

If you have any legal questions or require further assistance, don't hesitate to call or email us. Alternatively, click the 'Get in Touch' button and fill up the form or message us on Facebook.

Criminal Defence: Practice Areas
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